Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Rough Mockups?
Initial mockups using watermarked stock from stock sites. At this point, we’re just throwing ideas around and approving models, so I don’t purchase stock. If I have a firm idea of the overall theme or background, I may go ahead and do that part of it, so generally I work on the full-size 6×9″ 300dpi file. Since many of the mockups won’t be right, I limit any painting or high detail on the mockup at this stage. It is, indeed, a rough mockup – think of it like a storyboard for the cover we’ll chose as a final. Text will be on the cover for accuracy checking, further treatments/decoration of the text will come as the work progresses.

2. What is a Proof?
When I have an approved design that we both think works, I’ll go ahead and purchase all stock needed and start to build the final image as per our discussions. I’ll also send proofs at various stages so that you can approve composition, layout, colour, etc. When that has been approved, the proof layout is locked, as I’ll start all the paint and detail work (it’s tough to move things around once I’ve started that stage).

3. Titles
After we have the final proof in pretty good shape, I’ll send a round of text treatment mockups. These will be proofs with various title fonts and treatments for you to approve.

4. Final Proof and Invoice
When we’re completely happy with the cover, I’ll send a final proof and an invoice which can be paid via PayPal. As soon as I have that payment, I’ll upload the final artwork in a Zip file for you to download.

5. Pre-Designed Ebook Covers
Once I purchase a ready-to-go ebook cover, is it mine? Of course! These are unique designs and once you’ve purchased any of the covers you see here it will be deleted from the site – it’s yours. I plan on doing these for several reasons, and one is to give authors a lower-cost alternative to having a bespoke cover designed. Sometimes you don’t know what cover image might be perfect for your book until you see it. It’s also for my benefit as an artist – at times, a very specific set of cover guidelines can restrict what I might create otherwise. These pre-designed covers allow me to create something truly unique, which will then hopefully find the perfect home with an author who falls in love with it. I’m looking forward very much to doing these, and I hope that you will love them as well.

6. Are there any types of covers that you don’t do?
I have a policy that I will refuse to do covers for any project that contains hateful material. If you have an axe to grind for a pro-hate belief, I will not do the cover. I have tolerance for most things such as gore, erotica, etc, but I draw the line at homophobic, racist, anti-woman, etc. works as I don’t want my artwork to support those beliefs, nor do I want to be associated with them. I have done covers for books with various faiths at their core and I’m happy to work with any belief structure as long as you have a positive message that doesn’t advocate hate toward anyone.