Interior Book Formatting

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Book Covers

Book Cover Art & Design: $250.00 (£150) plus the cost of any stock needed. This covers:

  • All mockups and proofs until we have a final design (see FAQs below for an idea of the typical process in creating a cover).
  • You receive a layered Photoshop file in case you need to change the text, use without text for a book trailer, etc.
  • A full-size version (6×9″)
  • An ebook version for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Amazon catalogue and Smashwords. This version should work for all.
  • A smaller promo file for blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Print On Demand Book (POD) Templates: $30 (£20) and up – it depends on the graphic work needed for the back cover. Ideally, if I know in advance prior to doing the cover that you will also be doing a POD paperback, I can work in that format and it will just be $30. This covers:

  • A layered Photoshop file of the cover template, in case you need to make changes at a later date.
  • The creation of the CMYK cover template in PDF format, balanced for a maximum 240% black ink density for best results.
  • A small proof image showing the template with all safe areas marked out.

I will need:

  • Your back cover copy and any tagline or strapline
  • Your Lightning Source template OR
  • For Createspace, the exact number of pages after you upload the novel, the colour of the paper (cream paper makes the spine wider), and the dimensions/trim size of the book.


Unique, Affordable Pre-Designed Ebook Covers

You can purchase ready-to-go book covers at the reduced price of £60.00 – the design is already done and can be personalised with your title and author name. Click here for more information on pre-designed ebook covers.


Additional Services

We also offer bookmark template design, Facebook cover images, and more – ask for a quote!